Rauhoittava jooga

15,00  sis. alv

Reenis-joogan kertalippu. Tunnille voit ilmoittautua ostamalla tämän lipputuotteen ja näyttämällä ohjaajalle tilausvahvistuksen, joka lähetetään tilauksen jälkeen sähköpostiin. Lippu oikeuttaa yhteen käyntiin Reenis-joogassa.


Huom! Ilmoittautuminen sulkeutuu 2 tuntia ennen tunnin alkua.


Maanantaisin klo 20.15-21.15 rentouttava jooga, joka on treenistä palauttava jooga.

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Valitse päivä

One-time ticket for Reenis yoga.  You can sign up for the class by purchasing this ticket product and showing the instructor the order confirmation, which will be sent to your email after ordering. The ticket entitles you to one visit to Reenis yoga. Ticket must be bought 2 hour before the yoga class.


During the calming / recovery yoga class, we descend to a gentle, nurturing movement. In class, we focus on recovery after training or otherwise just at the end of the day. We use yoga and meditation techniques to move with our body awareness. The class is a low-threshold class for body awareness, listening to your own body and moving in accordance with your individual possibilities and limitations. The purpose of the class is to allow the body to recover and prepare the practitioner for sleep. In these stopping moments of the day, you can listen to yourself. Calm music is used in the class.




Bring comfortable clothes. You can get a yoga mat and other equipment on site.


When you come into force with us, please take these things into account:

  • Each instructor plans his own lessons and therefore there is variation in the lessons. Variation allows you to explore new dimensions in your practice.
  • Some classes are more intense than others.
  • For the most challenging exercises, give yourself time, because the exercise will reward you.
  • Everyone is welcome to the classes from their own starting point, because the atmosphere of the classes is playful and permissive. The most important thing is to support the well-being of body and mind.

The benefits of our well-being classes:

  • Increases the well-being of body and mind
  • The body becomes stronger and more flexible
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves the body’s fluid circulation


  • Single ticket €15
  • One-time ticket for OKK members €12 (requires a valid membership, which will be checked upon arrival)
  • Single ticket for students €12 (requires a valid student card, which will be checked upon arrival)


Milja Horneman / changing director


Attending class

No yoga during autumn vacation (October 24)!

Participating in the class requires purchasing a ticket in advance either from the online store or from Reenis’ cash desk.  There are limited places, so please reserve your place in good time! 

The doors of the yoga room open just before the start of the class, so if you are there in good time or want to have a snack or change your clothes in peace, you can use Reenis’ facilities.