Visiting gym and opening hours

Gym is open for members every day from 6.00-24.00.

Gym is open to one-time ticket holders whenever the cash register at Reenis main space is open, check opening hours here. You can buy a one-time, monthly or annual card from our online store, but they must be activated at checkout. A member can enter through the door via an electronic link to members, which requires a smartphone or other device to open the electric door from a web browser.


Reenis GYM is located at Paakakatu 2, about 100m away from our main building. Access to the space is via a cage staircase.

To whom?

The GYM is located on the second floor and you have to go there by stairs, you cannot get to the room in a wheelchair. The minimum age in the weight room is 15 years of age. Younger people are only allowed to train in the gym under an adult supervisor / coach / instructor. No small children are allowed in the gym for your own training!


Our gym is build mainly for functional training

Warm up area:

Lifting area



Opening hours and using the member key

Skill and yoga space

Our skill and yoga space next to gym is open for gym members outside the booked times. You can book the space for private use here

Rules of use of the skill and yoga space

  1. The skill and yoga space is primarily used by structured courses and groups. Wait for the structured classes to end before entering the space
  2. Skill and yoga room is available to GYM members outside of booked times between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m
  3. Clean up all your traces and put things back in their places after use
  4. Yoga silks are rented for use only with a separate agreement
  5. Training at your own risk, avoid doing dangerous movements when training alone
  6. Jumping on Airtrack only with socks or bare feet
  7. No eating, alcohol or drugs/doping

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