Frequently Asked Questions

  • Only participants need to pay admission. Adults who only accompany their children don’t need to pay admission. Children under 2 are free of charge.
  • Ticket is valid until you leave the gym
  • Entrance fee can be paid by cash, bank and credit card, Smartum, Edenred, ePass and Eazybreak. Webstore accepts bank and credit cards and also Mobile Pay.
  • We have a cafe here at Reenis where you can buy snacks and coffee. We also sell Rs Parks merchandise and you can pick up items bought from Rs Parks web site from the counter.
  • Free parking
  • Free wifi


General rules

  • Every participant needs to sign the waiver before first visit. Fill out the waiver online or at Reenis. Entrance fee does not include insurance.
  • Ticket is valid until you leave the gym
  • You can take your own water bottle with you. Eating own snacks/food allowed only at the cafe tables.
  • Functional gym is for 15 years and older
  • Always jump within your skill limits
  • For hygiene reasons please wear socks. You may jump barefoot if you think that your socks won’t provide enough grip. The use of clean indoor shoes is allowed at trampoline walls, parkour and spring floor area. Do not use shoes on airtracks
  • Always adhere to safety instructions given by the staff. Always ask for advice and help if needed
  • Check the area availability and opening hours before each visit


  • Notice all our trampolines are performance trampolines
  • One jumper at a time, no double bouncing
  • No jumping from trampoline to another trampoline
  • Wait for your turn outside the frame pads
  • Jumping time about a minute. No sitting or resting on trampolines
  • No phones, water bottles or other items to trampolines

Safety tips:

  • Try to jump on the middle of the trampoline
  • Learn to stop the bounce by bending your knees
  • Never land on your head


  • Always check that pit is free for jumping, wait for your turn
  • One jumper per line. Get up from foampit right after the jump
  • Do not dig holes to foampit. No picking the foam cubes
  • Always empty your pockets before jumping

Safety tips:

  • Always try to do a controlled landing, no landing on your head or stomach
  • Do only tricks that you are cabable of doing
  • Probably the most common injury while jumping to foampit is hitting your head to knees. To avoid this keep your legs spread apart and near your body.

Spring floor and parkour

  • Be extra careful during rush hours
  • Give space for everyone
  • When you’ve finished your workkout, put all equipment back where they belong
  • Clean shoes for indoor activities are approved
  • Always check bars and obstacles before use! Staff will help you if necessary.


  • R15
  • Always return the equipment back to where they belong after use
  • Use gym equipment the correct way to avoid possible injuries or damages to the equipment.
  • Do olympic lifts and other heavy lifts at the highest platform
  • Use of liquid magnesium allowed

Circus equipment

  • Always use landing mats for aerial equipment
  • Return equipment back to where they belong
  • Make sure there’s enough room around you while e.g. juggling

Trampoline boards

  • No jumping with one leg
  • Use them only as they are meant to use
  • Don’t hesitate to ask help!
  • Move equipment further from the trampoline after use

Indo board

  • Begin practising against the wall or hold your friends arm
  • Balance only on flat area
  • Check that there are no sharp objects near that you could fall over