Birthday Party at Reenis

Reenis is a perfect place to have an active and memorable Birthday Party for all ages.

We offer a playful and supportive atmosphere, where birthday guest can play and have fun. You can try trampolines, parkour and street workout, jump into a foam pit, learn circus tricks and balance on boards. We also have a special Birthday room for groups, where you can celebrate your special day.

  • We offer discount for groups of six or more.
  • You can book a Birthdayroom for up to 16 person. There is a small kitchen with fridge/freezer, coffeemaker, kettle and a microwave.
  • We offer a variety of snacks but you can also bring your own.
  • Our snack plate (5€/person) includes chips, candy, biscuits, soda and dishes.
  • We rent dishes if needed (10€).
  • Adults as supervisors are free of charge.
  • Cleaning is included.

How old do you have to be to have a Birthday party at Reenis?

People of all ages are welcome! Visitors under 10 years needs to have a adult supervisor with them at the activity area.

When you can have a Birthday party at Reenis? How long can you stay?

We recommend that party lasts about 1,5-3 hours depending of the age of the guests.


You can book the rooms directly from our webshop

For more info:

+358 86139199