Birthday Party at Reenis

Reenis is the perfect place to have an active and memorable Birthday Party for all ages.

We offer a playful and supportive atmosphere, where birthday guest can play and have fun. You can try trampolines, parkour and street workout, jump into a foam pit, learn circus tricks and balance on boards. We also have a special Birthday room for groups, where you can celebrate your special day.

How much do the birthday parties cost?


Starting at 13.5€/person

Reenis supervisor for birthday parties €50/hour

Birthday room

A birthday room at Reenis costs 35-45€/h depending on the room

Dishes rent for 12€

Snacks 7€/person


– Guided birthday activities (45 min) 100 €

– Inquire about availability Mon-Sat

– The basic activities include games, competitions and tricks. You can also inquire separately about some sport guidance, such as trampoline jumping, parkour, gymnastics, etc.!

– The recommended minimum age of those participating in the guidance is 7 years. Recommended group size for one instructor is 6-10 children.


For adults, the visiting the Reenis gym during the party, €5/person.

For the group that made the birthday reservation, trampoline socks for €2.5/person

How old do you have to be to have a Birthday party at Reenis?

People of all ages are welcome! Visitors under 10 years needs to have a adult supervisor with them at the activity area.

When you can have a Birthday party at Reenis? How long can you stay?

We recommend that party lasts about 1,5-3 hours depending of the age of the guests.

Guided birthday exercise

For groups, it is possible to get a birthday package containing fun games and competitions separately. A 45-minute birthday guidance costs 100€. Birthday guidance can also be customized according to wishes. Recommended age of trainees +7 years.

Will the supervising adult pay?

No fee, only the supervising adult is not charged separately.

How many birthday guests can I bring?

Reenis can easily accommodate up to 50 guests. Birthdays The rooms can accommodate approximately 12-25 people, depending on the room.

Which birthday room?

We have two 2nd floor birthday rooms.

Birthday room 1: This room is located at the 2nd floor. The table in this room can accommodate even 20 partygoers. In addition, the room has a small kitchenette with a refrigerator, coffee and water kettle and microwave. If you wish, you can buy coffee and tea from the cafe. The room also has a sofa for relaxation. The staff will take care of cleaning the room for you!

Birthday room 2: This room is located at the 2nd floor and is best suited for smaller (less than 10 people) party groups or meetings. The room also has a sofa for relaxation. This room does not have a kitchen or running water. The staff will take care of cleaning the room for you!

2nd floor birthday room 1


You can book the rooms directly from our webshop

For more info:

+358 86139199